Japan Rugby Football Union Announces Official Mascots

Ren-G, who played active roles in the celebration of RWC2019 are back

August 24, 2020

Minato-ku, Tokyo: Today, the Japan Rugby Football Union has announced the debut of its official mascots as follows;

■ Title: Japan Rugby Football Union Official Mascots
■ Mascots Name: Ren-G


■ Origin and background
Ren-G (Ren and G) were created in the design of an imaginary sacred beast, Shishi, which is believed to bring about happiness since ancient times. They played active roles in the success and enjoyment of the Rugby World Cup 2019™ Japan and now, they return to the world of Japan rugby, as the official mascots of the Japan Rugby Football Union and a symbol of the further development of rugby and its goal to become the world’s most enjoyable rugby playing nation.

Ren-G values team play and love the attitude to bravely move forward.

Japan Rugby Football Union President, Shigetaka Mori, said;
“We are delighted to welcome the return of Ren-G to Japan rugby after their great contribution to the Rugby World Cup 2019™ Japan. Ren-G’s background is inspired by the famous Kabuki play, Renjishi, a long-time favourite of the Japanese people as a story of a fatherly love as well as a strict sense of discipline. The values of teamwork, braveness, and fair play that Ren-G stand for, are essential elements to rugby, and our union would like to spread these values to everyone involved in our sport. We are now facing many challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic but do hope that we get through this difficult time together with Ren-G and the spirit of rugby behind us.”

■ Notes
The official mascots will appear at various rugby promotion activities and events.
Their activities will be uploaded accordingly to the Japan Rugby Football Union’s official Twitter and Facebook accounts.