Spectator Code of Conduct

The Japan Rugby Football Union (JRFU) is committed to hosting matches in a safe and comfortable stadium environment for all spectators, players, team staff and match officials.

The following rules are set by the JRFU so that we can create and maintain a safe and positive stadium atmosphere.

Spectators attending a match MUST;

1. Not bring flammable items such as fireworks, smoke makers and/or any other items considered dangerous into the venue.

2. Not display or attempt to display the following:

    a. National, political, religious or racial flags or emblems except for the recognized National flags of the competing teams.

     b. Offensive or inappropriate banners or signs in any language.

3. Never throw objects of any description onto the pitch or at    anyone.

4. Not enter or attempt to enter the field of play or other off-limit areas.

5. Not bring animals into the stadium with the exception of guide dogs, hearing dogs and mobility assistance dogs.

6. Not smoke outside the designated venue zones.

7. Not leave personal belongings in the aisles.

8. Refrain from any other considered disorderly by the JRFU.

The following individuals or groups are not permitted to enter the venue;

1. Those without valid tickets and/or accreditation.

2. Those that are considered to be intoxicated.

3. An individual and/or group that has the potential of staging a demonstration or other protest gathering and obstructing the match.

4. Any other spectators that the JRFU considers to have the potential to obstruct smooth match management and/or cause inconvenience and/or harm to other spectators.

Spectator Etiquette When Cheering

1. Noisemaking items which have the potential to obstruct the progress of the game including but not limited to whistles, air horns and sirens are not permitted inside the venue.

2. With regard to whether or not a noisemaker item or musical instrument can be used in cheering. The rules and/or regulations of each tournament or league must be complied with.

3. It is not permitted to cheer a team using items which have the potential to obstruct the progress of the game, such as flash lights or lasers.

4. Spectators should refrain from the verbal abuse of match officials and/or players of either team.

5. The JRFU may request spectators to improve or refrain from any other inappropriate cheering activities in the stadium.

Precautions – Banners and Other Items to Post in Cheering

1. With regard to whether or not placards, banners and flags can be displayed at the venue. The rules and/or regulations of each tournament or league must be complied with.

2.  Displayed items must not obstruct the view of other spectators.     

3.  Giant jerseys and flags can be displayed only when permitted by the JRFU. Such items are not permitted to be displayed during the match.

4.  Any item containing a product name and/or a sponsor name that is considered an advertisement or promotion must not be displayed unless authorized by the JRFU.

Photography and Video Filming during the Match

The following activities are not permitted when photographing or filming inside the venue:

1. Video filming of the match by video camera etc.

2. Photographing and filming of players/staff for commercial purposes which violate image rights.

3.  Use of a tripod, telephoto lenses and/or other apparatus which blocks foot traffic

4.  Flash photography.

Any person who does not comply with this Spectator Code of Conduct or who otherwise causes a disturbance may be evicted from the Venue and may be banned from attending future matches.

Your understanding and cooperation would be highly appreciated. We hope you have an enjoyable stadium experience.