JRFU President’s Message

岡村会長Tadashi Okamura
JRFU President


It is a great honor to serve as president of the Japan Rugby Football Union. At the same time, I am keenly aware of the heavy responsibility that comes with this position during what is a very exciting time for rugby in Japan.
Japanese rugby is constantly striving to improve under the spirit of “For all,” which is a nod to the expression “One for all, all for one.” For the JRFU, the objective is not simply making rugby more popular here. The aim is to enable rugby to contribute more to Japanese society, sports overall and the international community.
My main goal is to improve the competitiveness of Japanese rugby on the global stage. I want to achieve this by increasing the number of fans who form our so-called rugby family, and getting every member of this family working together toward this common goal.
Japanese rugby players are getting more opportunities to play on the international stage. The Brave Blossoms are perennial participants in the World Cup, the Sunwolves have joined the Super Rugby competition, and Sevens will make its debut as an official event at the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics. The JRFU will step up its efforts to strengthen Japan’s representative teams and broaden its scope of operations so Japanese rugby can boost its international presence and thrill the sporting world while playing in the spirit embodied by our motto of “For all.”
I am committed to building on the legacy crafted over the past decade or so by Yoshiro Mori, my predecessor as JRFU president. In addition, the JRFU needs to develop a vision for the future of rugby in Japan, and we will carefully consider what must be changed—and how—to ensure the continued growth of the sport in this country. We must be prepared to act decisively to implement these changes.
Japan will host the Rugby World Cup 2019. I look forward to working with all interested parties to make this sporting extravaganza a success.