Linking to the JRFU Website

Linking to the JRFU website

The following terms and conditions apply when linking to the JRFU website:

1. You must not, under any circumstances, direct the JRFU website into a separate frame.
2. As a general rule, please use the landing page URL ( when linking to the JRFU site.
3. The JRFU will generally not reply if you contact us asking for permission to link to the JRFU website.
4. Please refrain from using arbitrary banners or similar means to link to the JRFU website. Please use the following text for links: Japan Rugby Football Union.
5. Please refrain from using inappropriate wording or technology for links. The Union has no control over the content of third-party websites that use links bearing phrases such as “From the JRFU website” or “To the JRFU website.” As such, the Union bears no responsibility for the content of third-party sites that use the site, nor for problems or damages that arise from use of the content. Permission to use links that read “From the JRFU website” or “To the JRFU website” is based on the firm understanding that such links are expressly for the benefit of end users. Furthermore, the use of such links by third parties does not always imply that the Union endorses, recommends or has any connection with the enterprises, organizations, goods, services or information contained on—or connected with—said third-party sites.

(Updated on August 18, 2003)