Japan Rugby Mid Term Strategic Plan 2021-2024

Japan Rugby Football Union has revealed the Mid Term Strategic Plan 2021-2024 along with new Mission, Vision, and Target on Friday, March 26.

The Mid Term Strategic Plan consists of five key strategic areas, eight objectives and 15 action plans.

Message from the President of Japan Rugby Football Union

As the global Covid-19 pandemic continues to impose many challenges upon us, I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to all members of Japan’s rugby family who have been working hard to ensure that rugby can carry on throughout the country. I wish you all the best of health.

The Rugby World Cup 2019 was an incredible success, captivating and exciting the entire country as well as rugby fans throughout the world. The tournament dramatically increased the value of the Japanese national rugby team and the public perception of rugby itself. This achievement was made possible through the efforts and contributions of everybody who has been involved in Japanese rugby over the years.

Following the tournament, our mission now is to pass on this legacy to future generations and continue developing Japanese rugby further. In order to guide us along this path, the JRFU have formulated a new Mid Term Strategic Plan 2021 – 2024.

In 2009, Japan was chosen to host the Rugby World Cup 2019 and Rugby Sevens was included as an Olympic sport. In response, the JRFU formulated its first long term strategy, the JRFU Strategic Plan 2010-2019. The ultimate goal of the strategy was the successful staging of the Rugby World Cup 2019, the first Rugby World Cup in Asia, and the first to be held outside of Rugby’s traditional nations.

The plan went into operation in April 2010. During this time, various events have occurred both inside and outside Japan that have had a significant impact on the plan, including the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011, the entry of the Sunwolves into Super Rugby and the success of the Japanese national team at the Rugby World Cup 2015.

As a result of these events, and with the need to address the issue of how we could ensure a strong and lasting legacy from Rugby World Cup 2019, we reviewed our plan and formulated a revised strategic plan in December 2016 – the Japan Rugby Strategic Plan 2016-2020.

The new Mid Term Strategic Plan 2021 – 2024 places particular emphasis on aspects that have not been addressed in the past, such as the strengthening of the union organization and increasing cooperation with local communities and the wider society. It also takes into account the JRFU’s longer-term vision, goals and general priority areas up until 2050.

Players, fans, volunteers, teams, staff and sponsors – our rugby family are all working together to achieve our long-term mission of becoming the world’s most accessible country for rugby. This means that anybody who wants to enjoy rugby- as a player or fan – can do so easily, will be welcomed and will enjoy a truly world-class rugby experience. The Mid Term Strategic Plan will be implemented and reviewed every four years in order to drive us to achieve our long-term goals.

Thank you for your support and we count on your continued cooperation.

Shigetaka Mori

Japan Rugby Football Union President

Mission, Vision, Target

Japan Rugby’s Mission

To make participation in Japanese Rugby easily accessible for players and fans at all levels, across all formats

Japan Rugby’s Vision

To be recognised as a leading rugby nation and an agent of positive social change that transcends sport

Japan Rugby’s Target

To bring Rugby World Cup again to Japan and to win the tournament

Japan Rugby Mid Term Strategic Plan 2021-2024

Strategic Area One – Revamping the JRFU

Objective One – Become the world’s best union through reviewing our organization and building a strong business foundation to realize our philosophy

AP 1: Strengthen the organization

AP 2: Improve communication to all stakeholder groups

AP 3: Maximize the use of systems and data

Objective Two – Build financial stability across the organization and secure sound financial footing to increase investment for the future

AP 4: Optimize existing business value and diversify revenue sources

AP 5: Pursue new areas of innovation

AP 6: Develop non-event revenue sources

AP 7: Strengthen financial planning and management systems

Objective Three – Be fully compliant with World Rugby’s Playing Charter to ensure safety and integrity in Japanese Rugby

AP 8: Build, secure and maintain trust in rugby

Strategic Area Two – Improve our game

Objective Four – Raise the standard of the environments around our national teams and strategically develop all rugby categories

AP 9: Secure the optimum playing environment for players

AP 10: Provide an environment where fans feel a strong and deep connection to our national teams, driving their passionate support

AP 11: Develop world-class High-Performance Programs  

Strategic Area Three – Promote and develop rugby participation throughout Japan

Objective Five: Create a culture of participation in which everyone who wants to play rugby can easily access the sport, at any level

AP 12: Utilize the legacy of RWC2019 and organize the systems and infrastructure to promote and develop rugby participation

Strategic Area Four – Develop an innovative New League

Objective Six – Create a world-class platform that offers rugby fans a truly exciting and enthusiastic experience

AP 13: Develop the New Japan Rugby League

Strategic Area Five – Engage in Social Partnerships

Objective Seven – Contribute to society through rugby’s unique values

AP 14: Build a structure to actively promote social cooperation and international collaboration through Japanese Rugby

Objective Eight – Generate new industries from rugby’s existing base

AP 15: Utilize both the tangible and intangible assets of rugby to build new social and economic activities and innovation