JRFU Works to Strengthen Its Safeguarding Initiatives

The Japan Rugby Football Union launched its Safeguarding Policy in December 2022 as a step in formally recognising its commitment to protect fundamental human rights and promote respect, safety, and protection. Every member of Japan’s rugby family has the right to enjoy sport without exposure to behaviour that threatens safety and security. This right extends to all, including players, coaches, officials, staff, and volunteers, with a particular emphasis on the safeguarding of children and women.

The JRFU maintains a zero-tolerance policy for violation of children’s rights and actively opposes discrimination of any kind. It strives to eliminate all forms of violence, abuse, and harassment from all rugby environments and protect basic human rights and the right to enjoy sport. In doing so, it will constantly strive towards further strengthening the promotion and effectiveness of its safeguarding policy and initiatives.

The Japan Rugby Football Union’s Safeguarding Policies
・Provide a healthy environment for the positive development of all stakeholders involved in rugby.
・Eliminate all forms of violence and verbal abuse.
・Eliminate all forms of discrimination.
・Eliminate all forms of harassment.
・Address health & environmental risks.

JRFU Safeguarding Implementation at Association and Club Level
All associations and clubs registered with the JRFU are requested to put in place the necessary systems and processes to deal with safeguarding. Safeguarding is not only about protecting children, but also about preventing harassment, abuse, bullying and discrimination and responding appropriately to any incidents that occur. From this perspective, the following three initiatives have been prioritised.
(1) The appointment of an individual responsible for Safeguarding Promotion.
(2) Provision of a consultation service and means of decision-making in response to issues that occur, including access to external parties and resources.
(3) Provision of training to prevent issues from occurring and/or recurring.

Measures Undertaken by the JRFU
The JRFU has established its own internal organisation to deal with safeguarding. It provides a consultation framework to deal with issues that arise and provides the means to resolve problems. In addition, training is provided by the JRFU to team managers, staff, and officials to equip associations and clubs to identify and address problems and build frameworks to ensure issues that may occur are dealt with effectively.