Japan National Team Wider Training Squad for 2021

The Japan Rugby Football Union has today announced the 52 players and team staff who will make up the Japan National Team Wider Training Squad for 2021.

Players have been selected from both the domestic Top League and from oversees clubs, while Head Coach Jamie Joseph will work with the same coaching team of Tony Brown, Scott Hansen, and Shin Hasegawa, that lead the Brave Blossoms to the knockout stages at the Rugby World Cup 2019.

Brave Blossoms Head Coach Jamie Joseph commented:

“It’s been a long time coming since our last squad announcement and I am very excited about our upcoming challenge against the British and Irish Lions. It will be a very special occasion for the team to play the Lions for the first time ever. Announcing this squad is the first step in our preparation. The 2021 Top League has produced some great team performances and the competition between the teams is a lot closer than past years which is great for the development of the game in Japan.

“Since the World Cup we’ve had players who have retired from international rugby or who have made themselves unavailable for selection for personal reasons. This creates an opportunity for new players to put their best foot forward and show they can play at International level. The squad has a good balance of experience, as well as players with the potential to play international rugby. We will need to grow the depth of our team over the next 2 years and this tour to Scotland is just the starting point. The final rounds of Top League will show us who can play their best rugby under the pressure of knockout rugby. We will name the final squad of 35 players after the final matches in May.”

Announced on May 24, the final squad members will assemble for a team camp in Beppu, Oita, on Japan’s southern island of Kyushu from May 26 to June 8. As previously announced, the Brave Blossoms will play a warm-up match at ECOPA Stadium in Shizuoka on June 12, with the opponent to be announced in due course.

The Brave Blossoms are then scheduled to fly to Scotland on June 16 to take on the British & Irish Lions at BT Murrayfield in Edinburgh on June 26.

the Japan National Team Wider Training Squad for 2021

Forward : 29

PositionNameClub TeamGraduatecmkgDO.BCaps
PRShunsuke ASAOKATOYOTA VerblitzTeikyo Univ.1861211996/06/24
PRKeita INAGAKIPANASONIC Wild KnightsKanto Gakuin Univ.1861161990/06/0234
PRAsaeli Ai VALUPANASONIC Wild KnightsSaitama Institute of Technology Univ.1871151989/05/0714
PRShinnosuke KAKINAGASUNTORY SungoliathWaseda Univ.1801151991/12/199
PRKengo KITAGAWAKUBOTA SpearsDosisha Univ.1781101992/08/273
PRJiwon KOOHONDA HeatTakushoku Univ.1831181994/07/2013
PRIsileli NAKAJIMAKOBE STEEL Kobelco SteelersRyutsu Keizai Univ.1861251989/07/098
PRCraig MILLARPANASONIC Wild KnightsUniv. of Otago1861161990/10/29
PRYukio MORIKAWASUNTORY SungoliathTeikyo Univ.1801131993/02/06
HOAtsushi SAKATEPANASONIC Wild KnightsTeikyo Univ. 1801041993/06/2121
HOShunta NAKAMURASUNTORY SungoliathMeiji Univ.1761001994/02/28
HOYoshikatsu HIKOSAKATOYOTA VerblitzTsukuba Univ.178991991/01/18
HOKosuke HORIKOSHISUNTORY SungoliathTeikyo Univ.1751001995/06/022
LOMark ABBOTTMunakata SANIX BluesUniv. of Canterbury1971111990/02/20
LOWimpie VAN DER WALTNTT DOCOMO Red HurricanesNelspruit HS1881121989/01/0616
LORyota HASEGAWAPANASONIC Wild KnightsDaito Bunka Univ.1881001993/05/12
LOUwe HELUYAMAHA JubiloTakushoku Univ.1931131990/07/1216
LOJames MOOREMunakata SANIX BluesBrisbane State HS 1951101993/06/118
LOLiaki MOLIHINO Red DolphinsSt. Paul’s College1971101990/01/04
FLNaoki OZAWASUNTORY SungoliathKeio Univ.1821021988/10/084
FLBen GUNTERPANASONIC Wild KnightsBrisbane Boys’College1951201997/10/24
FLJack CORNELSENPANASONIC Wild KnightsUniv. of Queensland1951101994/10/13
FLShuhei MATSUHASHIRICOH Black RamsMeiji Univ.180991993/11/248
FLPieter LABUSCHAGNEKUBOTA SpearsUniv. of the Free State1891061989/01/118
FLMichael LEITCHTOSHIBA Brave LupusTokai Univ.1891131988/10/0768
No.8Tevita TATAFUSUNTORY SungoliathTokai Univ.1831241996/01/023
No.8Lui NAEATAKOBE STEEL Kobelco SteelersRyutsu Keizai Univ.1931181994/02/02
No.8 Amanaki Lelei MAFICANON EaglesHanazono Univ.1891121990/01/1127
No.8Kazuki HIMENOTOYOTA VerblitzTeikyo Univ.1871121994/07/2717

Backs : 23

PositionNameClub TeamGraduatecmkgDO.BCaps
SHKoki ARAICANON EaglesTeikyo Univ.175801993/05/14
SHTaiki KOYAMAPANASONIC Wild KnightsDaito Bunka Univ.171741994/10/31
SHNaoto SAITOSUNTORY SungoliathWaseda Univ.165731997/08/26
SHKaito SHIGENOTOYOTA VerblitzDaito Bunka Univ.170751990/11/2110
SOYu TAMURACANON EaglesMeiji Univ.181921989/01/0963
SODoga MAEDANTT Communications ShiningArcsTsukuba Univ.178881996/11/304
SORikiya MATSUDAPANASONIC Wild KnightsTeikyo Univ.181921994/05/0324
WTBShota EMISUNTORY SungoliathGakushuin Univ.1991951991/12/08
WTBJone NAIKABULATOSHIBA Brave LupusSetsunan Univ.177951994/04/12
WTBSiosaia FIFITAKINTETSU LinersTenri Univ.1871051998/12/20
WTBShogo NAKANOSUNTORY SungoliathWaseda Univ.186981997/06/11
WTBKotaro MATSUSHIMAASM Clermont AuvergneToin Gakuen HS178881993/02/2639
WTBAtaata MOEAKIOLAKOBE STEEL Kobelco SteelersTokai Univ.1861081996/02/064
WTBLomano Lava LEMEKIMunakata SANIX BluesRuncorn HS177941989/01/2015
CTBYusuke KAJIMURASUNTORY SungoliathMeiji Univ.181951995/09/131
CTBShane GATESNTT Communications ShiningArcsMuir College Boys’ HS183951992/09/27
CTBRyoto NAKAMURASUNTORY SungoliathTeikyo Univ.181921991/06/0324
CTBDylan RILEYPANASONIC Wild KnightsThe Southport School1871021997/05/02
CTBTimothy LAFAELEKOBE STEEL Kobelco SteelersYamanashi Gakuin Univ.1861001991/08/1923
FBSeiya OZAKISUNTORY SungoliathTeikyo Univ.175851995/07/113
FBRyuji NOGUCHIPANASONIC Wild KnightsTokai Univ.177831995/07/1513
FBGerhard van den HEEVERKUBOTA SpearsUniv. of Pretoria1921021989/04/13
FBRyohei YAMANAKAKOBE STEEL Kobelco SteelersWaseda Univ.1881001988/06/2218

Team Staff

National Team DirectorYuichiro FUJIIJapan Rugby Football Union
Head CoachJamie JOSEPHJapan Rugby Football Union
Assistant CoachTony BROWNJapan Rugby Football Union
Assistant CoachScott HANSENJapan Rugby Football Union
Assistant CoachShin HASEGAWAJapan Rugby Football Union
Strength & Conditioning CoachAndrew BEARDMOREJapan Rugby Football Union
Assistant Strength & Conditioning CoachChihiro OTAJapan Rugby Football Union
Assistant Strength & Conditioning CoachAdam KEENMunakata SANIX Blues
AnalystAndrew WATTSOtago Highlanders
AnalystShumpei HAMANOJapan Rugby Football Union
Team DoctorSohei TAKAMORIYokohama Minami Kyosai Hospital
Performance CoordinatorKarl MCDONALDJapan Rugby Football Union
Athletic TrainerTakehiko HAMANOMusashino Atlastars Orthpedic Sports Clinic
PhysiotherapistSatoshi KUNITSUGUYokohama Sports Medical Center 
Mental CoachDavid GALBRAITHJapan Rugby Football Union
InterpreterNao YOSHIMIZUJapan Rugby Football Union
Baggage Master and Assistant InterpreterJosh WESTBROOKJapan Rugby Football Union
Team ManagerTakenori OMURAJapan Rugby Football Union
AssistantYumiko SASABAYASHIJapan Rugby Football Union
Team Media ManagerSayuri SHIDAJapan Rugby Football Union