HITO-Communications becomes the official sponsor for the Japan Men’s National Teams

The Japan Rugby Football Union is pleased to announce that HITO-Communications, Inc. has become an official sponsor of the Japan Men’s National Rugby Team,

The agreement was made possible by HITO-Communications’ understanding and support for the Japan Rugby Football Union’s goals of “strengthening the Japanese national team” and “improving the environment for the spread and development of rugby football in Japan”.

Kensuke Iwabuchi, Chairman of the Japan Rugby Football Union, commented on the signing of the official sponsorship agreement with HITO-Communications, Inc. as follows

“I would like to express my sincere gratitude to HITO-Communications, Inc. for their support as an official sponsor of the Japan Men’s National Team. We will continue to do our utmost to strengthen the Japanese national teams in order to meet everyone’s expectations, and we will make further efforts to be a national team that is loved and supported by many fans.”

Toyomi Yasui, CEO of the HITO-Communications, Inc, has commented

“We are honored to be named as the official sponsor of the traditional Japan men’s national rugby team. We will contribute to building new rugby fans and the further strengthening and development of the Japan national teams in unison with the people involved and the fans.”