Global Reach of Rugby 2019

The Japan Rugby Football Union is happy to announce that World Rugby has released Global Reach of Rugby 2019 to the public on November 2, 2020.

A comprehensive report published by World Rugby exactly one year after the Rugby World Cup 2019 final, based on results from two global surveys, has highlighted the sport’s strong growth in both established and emerging rugby nations during 2019.

Conducted by global measurement and data analytics industry leaders Nielsen, the studies collected and analysed data from both traditional and emerging rugby nations around the world and the key findings are released today in a white paper entitled “Global Reach of Rugby 2019”.

Download original reports:

Global Reach of Rugby 2019

Global Reach of Rugby 2019 Region Toolkit Asia

Global Reach of Rugby 2019 Country Toolkit Japan

The key findings of the reports

  • After hosting Rugby World Cup 2019, interest in the sport is surging throughout the country. The number of the rugby fans in Japan has grown by 138 per cent and avid fans have quadrupled in the country compared to 2018.
  • Both men’s and women’s rugby has grown. Interested in the men’s game has risen to 59 per cent from 37 per cent, and in the female game to 47 per cent from 28 per cent.
  • Rugby World Cup 2019 is leaving an enduring legacy in Japan, with 85 per cent of Japanese people aware of the tournament agreeing that rugby will become more popular as a result, helped by the 2.25 million people who took part in the Impact Beyond legacy programme, many experiencing rugby for the first time.
  • Rugby World Cup 2019 generated £4.3 billion in economic output and over 857 million people watched the action globally, meaning the tournament became both the most economically successful of all time and the most viewed rugby event ever.
  • Player safety perceptions improved, with 15 out of 17 markets surveyed agreeing that rugby is safer now than five years ago.