[IMPORTANT]: Reminder for Those Planning to Attend the Upcoming Summer Matches (24.Aug update)

In anticipation of this autumn’s Rugby World Cup 2019, the operations of the upcoming “World Rugby Pacific Nations Cup 2019 Japan Round supported by Lipovitan D” and “Lipovitan D Challenge Cup 2019” shall be delivered in accordance with the specific tournament rules as detailed below.

Please note that the rules provided herein may slightly differ from those applicable to other rugby union fixtures hosted by the Japan Rugby Football Union.

Your kind understanding and cooperation in confirming the respective rules and designing necessary plans well in advance would be greatly appreciated.


Admission and Security:

On the day of each scheduled match, there will be mandatory security checks, including baggage inspection and frisking et al., for all ticketholders entering the Match Venue.  As the surrounding areas of the Match Venue are expected to be rather crowded with all the spectators, please cooperate and ensure arrival in plenty of time.  (Admission may take up to 60 minutes or more).

Please be reminded that no storage facilities will be available to check your baggage at or in the vicinity of each Match Venue.



The seats available for all scheduled matches will be fully reserved, without any option to select your seat at the time of purchase.

No post-purchase cancellations or changes may be permitted.  There will be no Official Ticket Resale Scheme, either.

Some seats will be sold at discounted prices as “seats with restricted view.”*

*A “seat with restricted view” refers to any seat where the ticketholder’s view may be partly compromised during the match due to the presence of handrails, fences, advertising boards, et al.

To attend each match, please make sure to carry a valid ticket to be permitted entry.

Any ticketholder leaving the Match Venue at any point shall not be re-admitted under any circumstances whatsoever, and there shall be no provision of any pass-outs, either.


Prohibited Items:

As we expect severe heat on the day of  “Lipovitan D Challenge Cup 2019” slated to be held on 6th-September, we have decided  to relax the  Rugby World Cup 2019 rules just for that day to allow spectators to bring non-alcohol beverages into the stadium so that heatstroke risks can be reduced. (Please note that the restrictions will be lifted only on that day and it does not mean that the Rugby World Cup 2019 rules on items allowed into the stadium would be revised.)

Non-alcohol beverages in single plastic bottle or regular water flask (preferably made of plastic) per person will be allowed. (Applicable mainly to 500 ml bottles, but will also allow 2L bottles)

There will also be water stations and concessions inside the stadium. We would like to urge the guests to make use of these facilities as well.

Meanwhile, bringing in any of the items specified below will be strictly prohibited. Weapons of any kind, food and drink (alcoholic beverages,  boxed lunches et al.), glass bottles, aluminium and steel cans stick umbrellas; oversized baggages, selfie sticks, video cameras and peripheral equipments; e.g., tripods and monopods, drones, smoke canisters, communication devices (including but not limited to walkie-talkies, wireless microphones, Wi-Fi [wireless LAN] routers and any other equipment that may involve emission of radio waves).

Since most of the scheduled matches will be held in the open-air stadia, please exercise caution in deciding what to wear; hats/caps as protection from the sun, raincoats in case of rain and other clothes  that are easy to put on and take off to adjust to changing weather conditions.

Exceptions will be made for guests who bring non-alcoholic beveragesfor medical and health maintenance reasons on condition that security staff at the mandatory checks are allowed to take a sip on the spot).

In such cases, you may use regular water flasks (preferably made of plastic) used at home or commercially available plastic bottles.

For obvious security and safety reasons, bringing in any glass bottles and cans inside the Match Venue is strictly prohibited, as noted above.

As for restrictions on visitors’ belongings, we plan to partially apply the same rules as those of the Rugby World Cut 2019.Please contact us at the below phone number or email address for any questions regarding the Rugby World Cup 2019.

Rugby World Cup 2019 Information Desk
TEL: 0570-05-2019 (Office Hours: weekdays from 9:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.)
E-mail: info@japanrugby2019.or.jp



There will be no parking space available at or in the vicinity of the Match Venue.  Instead of driving to the venue, please use public transport.  In addition, please be warned that extensive traffic control will be enforced on the day of each scheduled match, which implies potential restrictions on taxi drop-off locations.